Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability driving the event arrangements

The upcoming EYOF 2022 Vuokatti event is to be planned as environmentally sustainably as possible. New practicalities are piloted to minimize the environmental and climate emissions caused by the event.

Kainuu province benefits in multiple ways of the upcoming mass event EYOF 2022 which brings visibility, tourism, and vitality to the region. In the meanwhile, arranging the event causes to the exploitation of natural resources which is typical to mass events. There is a strong incentive to solve this challenge in Kainuu now. As a solution an environmental management system will be implemented to minimise the environmental emissions caused by the event. The goal is to minimise the waste, material usage and climate emissions throughout the event life cycle.

Finland is committed to international agreements which bind to slowing down the global warming. A long before the current COVID-19 pandemic the concrete consequences of climate change have been visible: the global average temperature rises, species die to extinction, many regions suffer of drought and extreme weather events. In Finland the consequences are visible for instance in the warming of winter climate which is significant for winter sports.

We as organisers are aiming to create such facilities that the audience finds it very easy and convenient to respect the environment at the venue:

– The waste is minimized by avoiding disposable materials wherever it is possible.

– Waste that though rests we will recycle all of it. It will be easy to spot the different waste sorting bins. Your effort is needed as well!

– Plastic waste and climate emissions are reduced by sharing refill water bottles to the athletes. The water in Finland is world class: it has been ranked as the cleanest in the world while Finland is the water richest country in the world. When bottles are filled with tap water a process of bottling, transport and storing in refrigerator is avoided completely. 2000 athletes are expected to multiply the impact of this practice.

– Vegetarian food is always available in the athlete’s village. Did you know that vegetarian food has lower climate emissions that meat food? So, feel free to try healthy and climate-friendly vegetarian food!

– At the accommodations the sheets and towels will be changed only when needed which saves water, washing powder and emissions from logistics.

– We reduce emissions from the event logistics, and we will plan the logistic and routes so that we will save on transporting, time, money, and above all, the environment. In addition we ensure that the transports are packed as full as possible and thus the athletes are flown to Kainuu with the fullest planes possible. The athlete’s village is very compact area where you can move on foot.

-We are perfectly in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020’s sustainability strategy: all the race venues and accommodation solutions exist already in the area.

– In all our acquisitions we favour local producers and refused materials. All material acquired for the EYOF will either be used at future events of the organization, sold, passed on or recycled in an appropriate manner.

-Endurance Kainuu is a free event application for the event. Through the application you get the most important information about the events. The app is available free of charge for both Android and iOs phones. Download the app to your phone and you will get the most important info and schedules straight to your pocket.

– We have planted the EYOF 2022 Vuokatti -forest in Sotkamo, which acts as carbon sink that absorbs carbon dioxide.