Olympic level figure skaters and promising juniors at the training camp in Vuokatti

Russian top coach Nina Mozer brought her athletes to the training camp in Vuokatti for two weeks. He is familiar with Vuokatti from previous years and in the summer of 2013, for example, he came to Vuokatti for training camp with her athletes. It paid off as those pair skaters at the 2014 Sochi Olympics successfully took on Olympic gold and silver.

In addition to his assistant coaches, head coach Mozer has 12 athletes, three pairs competing in the juniors  and three Olympic-level pairs from Russia, the United States and the Czech Republic. Two of them, the Americans and the Czechs, have already been selected for the February 2022 Beijing Olympics.

“Nina Mozer already knew Svetlana Koivisto, CEO of Vuokatti Travel, and asked her to arrange corona-safe and versatile training conditions in Vuokatti,” explains Marita Kaipainen, Secretary General of EYOF Vuokatti 2022.

“Vuokatti already has solid experience of organising  training camps and national / international competitions taking into account the Covid-19 period, so all the basic knowledge and skills were already there. So the team will stay in the area of ​​the future EYOF 2022 Athletes´ village, ”Kaipainen says.

The Mozer´s team praises Vuokatti’s training conditions to be really good. Mozer is very pleased that Sotkamo has invested in ice sports, including figure skating, and built the Vuokatti Arena to offer great training and competition conditions for many sports. In addition to the new Arena, the Vuokatti setting, with all the services needed by top athletes within walking distance, offers very attractive training conditions. Indeed, Mozer is convinced that keeping the conditions good and appropriate, it will certainly bring many of the top athletes with their coaches to the training camp in Vuokatti in the future.

“Considering the European Youth Winter Olympic Festivals to be held in Vuokatti in March 2022, this was a great opportunity to test the functionality of Vuokatti Arena for the use of figure skating and the organisation of related camps,” Marita Kaipainen praises.

Mozer’s team still has few training camp days left, after which their preparations for the Beijing Olympics will continue. “The young skaters have been skating together for only a few months, so their goal will be set for the Olympic Games in Italy 2026,” Mozer notes.

Nina Mozer wishes good luck and success to all young athletes coming to EYOF 2022. “This is the beginning of your, hopefully long, sports career. Dream and work hard for your dreams, ”Mozer encourages. “One of the coolest things is hearing the national anthem of your own country. If that happens to you, either at EYOF 2022 or later in the world, make the most of that feeling and save it in your heart, ”Mozer urges.

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