The Event Forest of the European Youth Winter Olympic Festivals 2022 is growing now in Sotkamo

The Event Forest was planted in Sotkamo on Tuesday 25.5.2021, in honor of the 2022 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival. The Event Forest is located east of Vuokatinvaara (Vuokatti hill) on the lands of the Kukkola farm near the intersection of Nurmestie and Laukkalantie.

The forest planters were the 7B class students of Sotkamo secondary school. The students are in sport class, and some of the students are also involved in the activities of the Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy. In addition, the Sotkamo Forestry Association is a partner in the plantation.

The planted spruce seedlings symbolise the main themes of the EYOF: young people are the future and we have responsibility for our environment. “It is great that young people planted the Event Forest. As at the same time, each planted tree seedling also reflects the young athletes participating in the EYOF event, from who, like a tree seedlings, with good care, strong and successful individuals who are in healthy symbiosis with their environment, grow”,describes EYOF 2022 Secretary General Marita Kaipainen from Regional Sport Association.

The EYOF 2022 organisation emphasise environmental responsibility. Ecology and environmental responsibility are taken into account in the event organisation and during the event, both in material procurement and waste sorting. The trees planted in the Event Forest act as carbon sinks, ie they absorb carbon dioxide. “However, we must remember that both in organising the event and in any other occasion, reducing emissions is the fastest way to combat climate change,” Marita Kaipainen emphasises.

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