The official music video of EYOF 2022 Vuokatti theme song encourages you to believe in yourself and in your dreams

EYOF 2021 Vuokatti’s official theme song “Long in to the Night” – music video has been released. The video can be watched on the EYOF 2022 Vuokatti Youtube channel and the song can be listened on the EYOF 2022 Vuokatti Youtube channel, on Spotify and iTunes.

The purpose of the music video is to bring out the message of the event “Young people are the future”. At the same time, it cheers the future multisport EYOF event created directly for Europe’s best young athletes. The message of the song is clear: always believe in yourself and your own dreams. In addition, the song encourages to act in the spirit of the Olympic values as well as nurture the values of friendship, fair play and tolerance.

The music video has been filmed and produced by Fade Creative.

“Long in the Night”

Composer and producer: Shy Sanchez

Lyrics: Heikki Mäkäräinen Official

Production Company: Bromantic Pictures & Records

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