The pre-competition of Alpine skiing speeds up the preparations for EYOF 2021 Vuokatti

“We will pay a lot of attention to the quality of the arrangements”


Alpine FIS Race Vuokatti took place on the 30th – 31st of January 2020 on the Olympiakatti slope north of Vuokatti. Participants were from four different countries ꟷ Finland, Sweden, Norway and Latvia. There was a total of 45 competitors between the ages of 16 and 22.

The Tournament Director (TD) Mika Pelli says that Alpine FIS Race served as a good test event for the alpine skiing competitions of EYOF 2021 Vuokatti. – We have now tested the slope, which will be the alpine skiing venue next year, and both the cables and other equipment which are needed next year. Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the places, we can confidently go towards next year for alpine skiing. The local auxiliaries and competition organizers were a great help, which is a good sign for the future. We need further reinforcement for the levelling group so that we can ensure equal conditions for all competitors. However, we will start recruiting well in advance, so we will have the required number of trained support next year to ensure smooth alpine skiing competitions, comments Pelli.

Pelli also thanks the Vuokatti slopes for the good cooperation. – With the Vuokatti slopes, organizing the Alpine FIS Race was smooth and easy! Thanks to Lassi and the staff for their good care and help. It is good to work with professionals! There has not been skimped with the safety nets and with their installation in Vuokatti. Safety seems to be the number one priority of Vuokatti slopes, as it also should be, says Pelli.

EYOF 2021 Vuokatti will be the biggest alpine skiing event in Finland next year according to the number of participants. Pelli promises that the arrangements for alpine skiing at the EYOF 2021 Vuokatti will be in such a condition that every athlete can show their best in equal conditions. – We expect 130 men and 130 women to participate in the competitions from over 40 countries, so it will be a showcase for the Finnish alpine skiing. We will pay a lot of attention to the quality of the arrangements and provide better result services for the teams that arrive, says Pelli.

Alpine FIS Race Vuokatti was the first FIS parallel slalom competition in Finland, where electronic starting gates were used. According to Pelli, the gates provided by Alge worked well and were easy to use. For the beforehand testing, Pelli would like to thank the timekeeping team and at the same time he thanks Katariina Hemming from Vesanto for result services and Tatu Naamanka from Kuopio for managing the timekeeping service. Pelli also sends greetings to Juha Huttunen and Esko Kemppainen, the “experienced persons” of Vuokatti, after receiving from them the desired help for installing cables and equipment.

As Pelli turns his gaze towards the future, he assures that in the planning of the alpine skiing race of EYOF 2021 Vuokatti they will take into account the course construction and the number of participants so that the competition days will be suitably long. Pelli says that the start of the composition of the alpine race organization will begin this winter. The necessary equipment will be maintained and updated during the summer. Furthermore, Pelli is looking forward to organizing the Alpine Team Event as it is a new form of competition that has never been competed in Finland before.

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